Growth, Employment and Skills

Boosting economic growth, employment and skills in West London so that residents and businesses of all sizes can succeed and prosper here.

The seven boroughs that make up the West London Alliance have embraced a new approach to economic growth and prosperity, known as the West London Vision for Growth. The Vision  focuses on developing strong fundamentals for growth including a highly skilled and entrepreneurial workforce, excellent physical and digital infrastructure, excellent housing, and a highly supportive environment for businesses and investors. The Vision is the driving force behind the sub-region's ambition to develop its position as a thriving and prosperous part of a premier world city.

The Vision for Growth is led by the West London Economic Prosperity Board, a Joint Committee consisting of the political leaders of the seven member boroughs of the West London Alliance. The Board provides direction to the West London Growth Directors' Group who have responsibility for delivering the Vision for Growth at both a strategic and an operational level in partnership with the business community, investors, London and national government.

The Vision for Growth has an accompanying Action Plan (.pdf, 2Mb) which was  co-produced by West London Alliance's member boroughs and their strategic partners in early 2016. It sets out a clear plan for the local economy in the years ahead, including well defined outcomes over the short (next 12 months), medium (1-3 years) and longer terms (3 years and beyond) under the following four categories:

  • Infrastructure
  • Skills, Employment and Productivity
  • Competitive Economy
  • Housing


The latest position on delivering the Vision for Growth action plan can be found in this June 2017 progress report (.pdf, 2Mb)

For more information on the Growth, Employment & Skills programme please contact:

Luke Ward
Head of Growth, Employment and Skills

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